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Cabinet SignsEngage With Your Target Audience

If you are interested in finding an effective sign for the front of your business that will attract the attention of those passing by, cabinet signs are a fantastic solution. These signs grab anyone’s attention. They can be customized to fit your preferences for the colors, size, shape, lettering, material, and more. Cabinet signs are also known as box signs or wall signs. With your business’ name or logo illuminated in any color and style you want, it will create the eye-popping effect you desire for your storefront.

Why Cabinet Signs?

While cabinet signs are known as the traditional type of lighted signs, they definitely make a difference in getting your business noticed. That’s why they are always a popular choice. They are mostly used for multi-tenant buildings, such as a mall; however, smaller signs can be used for a single business as well. The advantage of cabinet signs is that they are noticeable day and night and are strong and durable. Our LED lighted cabinet signs draw customers attention at night. An LED sign is the way to go if you are looking for a sign that lasts longer and is brighter than fluorescent tubes. These signs are great for outside of retail stores, schools, churches, service centers, restaurants, hotels, and many other businesses.

Cabinet signs can come in many different styles and options such as:

  • Double sided – pole-mounted
  • Single sided – wall mounted on a building
  • Pan/embossed faces
  • Flat faces
  • Flex faces

More About Us

We are proud to offer excellent customer service and work hard to help you achieve the type of sign you want. Our experts will discuss your goals for your sign and what to expect with the process. We make it a priority to provide efficient and effective service.

If you are interested in creating brand awareness, increasing your store’s exposure and drawing attention to your business, contact us today.