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channel-letters Channel letters are often the first part of your business that customers see. They are what attracts a prospect, informs them of where you are located and provides them with information about your brand. Ace Advertising Signs is here to help you customize your exterior signage and establish your brand name.

Channel letters can be more than three-dimensional graphic signs. There are many different ways to customize your own channel letters and make them fit perfectly with your brand. Signs can even be covered with an acrylic face to keep birds from nesting into the letters of your brand name. Whatever the design of your brand logo or business name, you can choose the appropriate font, size and colors for an exact match. There are also a variety of different elements and effects that can be incorporated, such as custom shapes, materials and textures. Many mounting and illumination options are available for your choice.

Some of the elements and effects to choose from include:

  • Frontlit LED Channel Letters
  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters
  • Open Face Channel Letters
  • Halo Channel Letters
  • Silhouette Channel Letters
  • Illuminated Channel Letters
  • Non Illuminated Channel Letters
  • Front Lit Neon Channel Letters

To begin designing your new channel letters, call Ace Advertising Signs today to get started!